5 Best Plants For Betta Tank With Their Benefits

Betta Tank
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When you will set up your betta tank for your fish you should also decide about the plants that you will set too. There are different plants for your betta tank that you can choose. They will give beautiful scenery not only to your fish but also to you when you will look at it.

Below we will give you tips about which plants are the best plants for your betta tank. You will choose which one of them will be the right ones for you and which ones you like the most. Don’t forget that you want to have a great result.

History of Betta Tank

The name ‘Betta’ refers to a fish, in particular, the Siamese Fighting Fish. You will find different varieties of this fish when you will buy it. They are tropical fish which can be found in warm and hot waters in Asia. It is quite easy to take care of them.

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You will be able to keep them in the tank for more than 5 years. That is why the tank is called a Betta tank. Bettas are very beautiful fish and you should provide them with plenty of clean and warm water.

Setting Up the Betta Tank

Before you buy the fish that you love you should set up the betta tank. The water of the tank must go through several cycles in order to be clean and so as to evaporate all the harmful elements that it might contain.

Underground filters are the best for the fish. What you shouldn’t do is to use plastic leaves and plants because they will cause harm to the fish, they are delicate little creatures with delicate fins. As a result, you should use the best plants for your betta-tank.

The plants that you will use will provide the fish with a place to hide, exactly what they like to do. Additionally, the temperature of the tank should be from 75 to 80 degrees, the water should be warm. Use a thermostat in order to maintain the water temperature.

Betta fish should be kept separately. They want to have their own space and they tend to jump too. Make sure that your betta tank will have a lid too. The tank should be a spacious one and the filter that you will use should be a gentle filter that will let the fish move gently in the water.

What you can also do is to add substrate in order to line the bottom. It not only provides a naturalistic environment but also it will provide beneficial bacteria that will make the living of your fish easier and it will look like it natural environment.

Apart from that, it will also help your plants for your betta-tank to create their roots. That is why you will need to place 2 inches of substrate in order for the plants to create their roots. You can use natural color such as brown, black, and white in order for the environment to look and feel more natural.

Betta Plants

There are different varieties of betta plants. Which are the best plants for your betta tank? You will choose which one or which ones you will plant in your betta-tank. Below we will have a look at the different varieties of the best plants that you will find.

Anubias Nana

Anubias nana is the best option for your tank. It has broad, long leaves which make them perfect for the fish to hide and sleep there as they would do in their normal environment. Even though they have wide leaves they are actually quite small and they are easy to keep too.

Anubias Nana

They grow quite slowly and they don’t need direct light. Don’t bury the roots of this plant because they will rot and they will contaminate the water. You don’t need to fertilize the particular plant but you will need to always keep your tank clean.

Marimo Balls

Another great plant for your betta tank would be the Marino balls. They are algae but the good variety. These balls are perfect for your tank because you don’t need to take care of them. They are easy to keep and they thrive in any temperature.

marimo balls aquarium

The fish use these balls in order to rest or roll them when they want to play. You won’t regret using these balls in your tank because they are one of the perfect choices that you can use.

Java Moss

Java moss is one of the most popular plants for your betta tank. You don’t need to do a lot of things with them because it is very easy to take care of them. Java moss doesn’t need a lot of light in order to grow. If a part of your tank has intense light place it somewhere else.

java moss aquarium

You can attach this plant anywhere you like or it can float too. This particular plant doesn’t root that is why it is easy to place it where you think that it will look amazing. You don’t need to fertilize it at all. It will grow slowly and your tank will be great.


What makes this plant perfect for your betta tank is the fact that you can either let it float or plant it in the substrate. Hornwort will provide a great cover for your fish. This plant grows quickly too and the light will not play a particular part in this process.

hornwort aquarium plant

The only thing that you need to be careful about is the trimming. The plant is delicate and when you trim it you don’t want bristles to float around. It will need a small amount of fertilizer in order to remain alive. Finally, what makes it great is the fact that it removes toxins and nitrate.


Wisteria will thrive when the light isn’t too bright. This plant can float too if you like it. Its leaves are quite amazing because of their patterns. Wisteria can grow over 1 foot; have this in mind if you’ll choose it for your tank.

wisteria plant

It needs to be fertilized regularly with iron-rich filters that you will have in your tank. You will also need to prune it. Overall, it will be a great plant for your betta-tank. You should definitely choose it.


If you will choose duckweed, you will give a natural and unique look to your betta tank. It grows quite fast and when you have it in your tank you should make sure that it won’t cover the whole surface because you need the light. It is a great choice to have in your tank too.
duckweed plant

Live Plants for Betta Fish Vase

If you will use a vase for your betta fish then you should choose a big vase. Add small stones or marbles at the bottom of the vase, you will find them at pet shops. The best plant for your betta tank would be the Peace Lily or basically any type of Spathiphyllum. Choose a peace lily that will be of medium size.

What you should do is to remove the soil from the roots of the lily. Fill a bucket with water and place the roots in it, then swish the roots very gently in order to remove the soil. When you are done with this, trim them evenly.

What you will need to do then is to cut a hole which should be in the middle of the tray. In this way, the roots of the plant will slide through and it won’t slip and the stones won’t slip either.

The roots must reach down to the widest point in the vase. The roots must be dangling into the water. Peace lily doesn’t need a lot of light. Place the vase in partial light. You will need to change one-quarter of the water that you will have in the vase every week in order to keep it clean.

Toxic Plants for Betta Fish

Apart from the best plant for your betta tank, there are plants that are toxic and won’t do any good to your fish. The plants that aren’t a good option would be the marsh plants and the ones that can also dissolve in water easily.

These plants might rot into the tank and that will have a toxic result to your fish which will probably die. Some of them are the following: Acorus sp. This plant is also known by the name of the sweet flag. You will find different varieties of this plant.

This plant will hold up for a while and then it will start to turn brown this will happen because it will not develop a root system. This plant is better for ponds and not in a betta tank.
Another one is the Chlorophytum sp. This plant is also known as Spider plant or even airplane plant.

Unfortunately, this plant should only be used to hang from the sunny windows in houses. In the water, its roots will swallow and it will basically use most of the water in the tank as a result, the fish won’t have space and enough water for them.

Marsilea sp. is another variety which is known as water clovers. This plant has different varieties too and not all of them are suitable for the betta tank. Their foliage isn’t the appropriate one for the water and once you place them in the tank they will eventually rot too.

Another type is the Spathiphyllium sp. You can find this one by the name of Brazilian swords. This plant is just amazing but not in a tank. You can use this one in a betta vase as we mentioned above. The reason why they aren’t the proper ones for the tank is that the plant itself must be above the surface of the water and not in it. Its blossoms and leaves can’t last in the water.

These were some of the plants that you should definitely avoid placing in your betta tank. The fish won’t survive and the plants themselves won’t survive as well. Some plants are meant to be outside the water.

Benefits of Live Plants in Betta Tank

There are a lot of benefits when you have live plants in your betta tank. Live plants will not only make the fish happier but also they will provide a cleaner place for them to live. Fish love to hide, play and swim so live plants can provide this to your fish. They will also create their own territories in case you place more than one.

Live plants will help with the algae that are the most common problem. Algae need exactly the same things like all the plants which are food and light. The living foliage will protect the tank from it and you won’t have any troubles with it.

The live plants in your tank will also be used as filters. Fish create waste and sometimes they don’t eat all their food. The filter and the live plants will help because they will remove the toxins that could have caused problems. In this way, not only your fish will be clean but also the place where they live will also be clean.

Finally, the use of live plants in your betta tank provides oxygen to your fish. Plants, as we all know, produce oxygen, they will help your fish and you won’t have to buy airstones or air pumps because the plants will do all the work.


There are different varieties that could be the best plants in your betta tank. The choice is entirely up to you. There are benefits of having natural plants in your betta tank. Live plants are much better than the fake ones because they take care of your fish and the tank too.

Be careful of the toxic plants that might cause harm both to the fish and the tank. Whether you will keep your fish in a vase or a tank provide the best environment for them. They deserve it and you will feel proud of your results.