Best Compost for Tomatoes: Tips For Growing Great Tomatoes

best compost for tomatoes
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The best compost for tomatoes is the one that will help you have amazing tomatoes not only in color but also in taste too. As Laurie Colwin said,: “A world without tomatoes is like a string quartet without violins.” Tomatoes are used everywhere in salads, in your food as a sauce and even in sweets.

You want to have the best tomatoes as possible because you will have them grow in your garden. You want to have the best quality possible. You can either plant your tomatoes in the garden or keep them in a pot, it’s up to you.

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Below we are going to talk about the best compost for tomatoes that you can have. In this way, you will be able to choose the appropriate one that will help your tasteful tomatoes grow.

Growing Your Own Tomatoes

Growing your own tomatoes is the most rewarding process. You can have family gatherings and your friends and family will praise you for the great taste that your tomatoes have. The secret is the soil and the best compost for your tomatoes.

Tomatoes need a sunny spot to grow and a well-drained soil. When you plant them leave space between them in order to have good air circulation. When the time comes to plant the seeds, plant them very deep because the root system will develop better. Deep watering is the key but don’t overdo it.

Best Compost for Tomatoes – Analysis

There are different types of compost. The best compost for your tomatoes has crucial nutrients that are necessary for the growth. The homemade one has not only micronutrients but also macronutrients too. The great thing about the compost is that it can release all the nutrients in the soil gradually.

If you will buy compost you should make sure that you get the right one. Compost might be different from one supplier to the other. When you buy it you should make sure that it is certified (STA Compost). In this way, you will know that you are buying what you’re paying for.

Shops sell them in offers of buy 3 pay for 2 bags and some of them can be quite expensive ones. It is up to you to choose which one is the proper one for your needs in order to make the best compost for your tomatoes.

Compost Tea

The best compost for your tomatoes could be the compost tea. You can make your own compost tea. It is produced from natural ingredients that everybody has in their house and is actually easy to make. When you use organic matter you increase the mycorrhizae which surround the roots.

Compost tea is the best compost for your tomatoes because it increases the immune system of the roots of your plant. As a result, your tomatoes won’t face any diseases or pests infestations. To some compost tea is even better than the usual homemade compost.

How to Make Homemade Compost Tea

To create the best compost for your tomatoes you will need no more than three days. Basically, the compost is made from the decomposition of plant materials which are mixed together and they produce natural organic compost which is better than the chemical ones.

You can use different ingredients such as cane syrup, fruit juice, unsulfured molasses, kelp, fulvic acid, orange pulp, humic acid, fish hydrolysate, and phosphate rock. You can mix some of them or even all of them.

From of the ingredients above keep in mind that the fruit juice is the least favorable one because it can create E. coli or even salmonella. Make sure that you will include aeration in the process because it will protect your tomatoes from diseases.

Organic Compost

Apart from the compost tea, you can create your very own organic compost which can become as well the best compost for your tomatoes. You could use old tomato plants, you can cut them into smaller pieces and in this way, they will decompose easier.

You could also use woody branches, leaves, and rose stems. All of these have carbon which is necessary for the growth of your tomatoes. You shouldn’t use too much of it because they decompose quite slowly and you want it to ready within 12 weeks.

In the best compost for your tomatoes, you can also include newspapers, egg cartons, and cardboard. When you’ll use these ones make sure that they don’t have a lot of colors because it isn’t good. They decompose quickly which is very good.

The final thing that you can use could be weeds and grass cuttings. These ones are rich in nitrogen which makes them a great ingredient for your tomato compost. You already have them in your garden, when you mow your lawn make sure that you keep them in a bag.

What you shouldn’t use when you make the best compost for your tomatoes are meat, cooked fruits/vegetables, dairy products, plastic, glass, and human or even dog feces. You shouldn’t use them at all in your homemade compost.

Mixing the Ingredients For The Compost

You can use some of them or all of them in the quantity that you think that are necessary for the best compost for your tomatoes. The best way to do it is to chop them all into small pieces and then add soil to it. Your compost is ready. You should use a barrel that will be full of soil.

You can use a compost bin and mix the materials. Leave the bin in a warm space that will not be close to your house. Don’t forget to mix it up from time to time. You can also aerate your compost for better results. Your compost will be ready and you will have awesome tomatoes.

The best compost for your tomatoes can either be homemade or you can buy it from the shops. Tomatoes are considered to be fruits and we use them everywhere. For this reason, we want them not only to be perfect but also to have a great taste.

If you have a garden or even you don’t plant them (garden or pot) you should enjoy their great taste. The best thing would be to create your homemade compost. From the ones that we mentioned choose the one that is suitable for you. Which is the best compost for your tomatoes? It’s your choice.