Cherry bush: Varieties, Prune, Watering and Interesting facts

cherry bush
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Cherry bush isn’t a difficult task. Cherries belong to the rose family. All they need is full sun and they will thrive in zones 2 to 7. There are different varieties to choose from and you could ask at the local gardening shop which one is the right one.

Keep in mind, that the soil should have good drainage. Bush cherries are tolerant of all types of soil as a result; you won’t have any problem when you grow them. Let’s have a look at the different varieties and what you need to have in mind.

Cherry bush varieties

There are different cherry bush varieties that you can choose to have in your garden. Some of them are the Carmine Jewel, Crimson Passion, Juliet, and Romeo. You can grow these lovely varieties of a cherry bush. Let’s have a look at their characteristics.

the exi pur

The Carmine Jewel has the smallest seeds of all the cherry bushes and it produces small fruits. When you will get your first cherries they will be fleshier and tastier. The particular taste is both sweet and sour which is amazing.

The particular cherry bush variety matures from the end of June and it depends on the climate that it will grow. This variety is quite easy to pollinate since it is self-fertile. You can plant it alone or with other bushes too.

The Crimson Passion cherry bush can be from 100 to 170cm tall when four year passes. It is a variety that is very common and can be found everywhere. It is also quite easy to plant it. It will mature at the beginning of July.

The cherries that you will get will be very sweet, for those of you that enjoy sweet cherries. You can use this cherry bush variety to bake great pies. Finally, you can grow them also in pots and they are self-fertile too.

Juliet is a cherry bush variety which has double suitability. You can use them for jams, juice, and compost. They are sweet with a touch of sourness. This variety will mature at the beginning of July and onwards.

It can grow up to 200 cm tall. It is self-fertile as well and can pollinate itself. You can have it in your garden everywhere you want to. They can have a sour taste too. It is an amazing variety to have.

Romeo is a variety that you eat fresh. Romeo cherries are neither very sweet nor sour. They mature at the end of July. It is one of the most productive cherry varieties. It can grow up to 200 cm tall.

What makes the variety special is the fact that you can start harvesting your cherries the 6th week. The fruit season is up to 2 months which will give you plenty of time and fruits to eat and create your recipes.

How big do cherry bushes get?

As we saw how big they will get depends on the variety. A multiple-stemmed though can grow from 6 to 10 feet tall. You can have different varieties and their foliage will look amazing.

How to prune a cherry bush

Pruning a cherry bush can be quite tricky. You need to be very careful when you will prune your cherry bush. What you have to do is to prune the oldest stems. You need to do that so as to leave space for the new ones.

You have to prune 1/3 of growth to a few inches from the ground. You also have to look for damaged or dead leaves and branches. When you find them make sure to remove them because you don’t affect the whole bush. When you will prune it keep in mind that your tool is sharp and clean.

how to prune cherry tree

You can prune your cherry bush in the late winter when the cold is over. In the summer, you can prune it after you have harvested your cherries. You can give the bush any shape you want to.

Watering a cherry bush

What you need to know is the fact that newly planted cherry bushes need regular and consistent watering because the root stem needs to be established in the soil. During the first 2 weeks, you should water your cherry bush daily.

When 3 to 12 weeks have passed you should water it every 2 to 3 days. After 12 weeks have passed you should water it weekly because you want to make sure that the roots will be established.
If you want to make sure how much water they need you should do the following.

Apply from ¼ to 1/3 water in the container that you bought your bush. In this way, you will have the right amount of water. Don’t forget though, that as the roots grow the water should increase too.

When you water your bush you should water directly the root ball. A good trick to keep the soil moist is to make a circular mound; it should be 4 inches high. In this way, you will have extra water.

Interesting facts about cherries

Cherries are fruits that we all enjoy eating and there are many recipes with cherries. They are full of anthocyanins and antioxidants which are great for our organism. It is possible to get more that 7000 cherries from a cherry tree.

Did you know that the Maraschino cherry was actually placed in ocean water and then in a liqueur from its juices? That is why they have amazing taste. They are one of our favorites because they are at the top of every cake.

In Japan, Cherry blossom is the unofficial national flower and you will see them everywhere. They are amazing to have and look at. They symbolize the innocence and transience of life.


Cherry bushes are quite easy to grow. All you have to do is to follow our tips and you will have amazing results. There are different varieties to choose from and you don’t have to stick only to 1 variety. You will love your cherry bushes and you will fresh fruits.