Dragon Tree Or Dracaena Draco: The Best Guide About This

Dragon Tree
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Dragon tree originated in the Canary Islands. It is a succulent tree that can grow up to 30 feet tall. It grows best in the U.S.D.A Zones from 11 to 12. If the weather gets very cold you should place it in a pot and keep it inside. It depends on the weather. If you do keep it outside you should take proper care of it.

There are many varieties of dragon trees. There are 100 varieties of this tree. You can find 2 or 3 colors. The two-colored variety has red framed and dark green leaves. The three colored variety has pink, crème and green leaves. Their heights differ too. You can choose different varieties to plant in your garden.

Below we are going to give you tips on how you can plant the dragon or Dracaena draco tree. We will also give you tips on your dragon tree pruning and the tools that you will need to plant and take care of it. Overall, it is a beautiful tree that you don’t need to do many things to maintain it.

How to Plant Dragon Tree Outside

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Planting your Dracaena Draco is actually an easy task. If you are going to plant more than one then you should leave from 3 to 5 feet of space between them. All you need to use is a shovel, manure or compost, and hard rake.

The first thing that is necessary to do is to prepare the ground that you are going to plant the tree. You need to remove all the unwanted weeds and grasses that exist at least 3 meters. The reason that you need to do this, is because grass and weeds absorb all the moisture and nutrients from the soil.

Dragon trees needs a soil that will contain nutrients. If your soil is lacking nutrients then you will need to add some yourself. You can add organic matter so as to enrich the existing soil. All you have to do is to create a 12 inches depth to the soil. Once you do that then add six-inch layer of compost or manure and dig it in the soil.

Dig a hole quite wide because you want the roots of the dragon Dracaena tree to spread. When you plant it make sure that the roots are deep down in the soil. Tamp the soil so as to firm the tree.

Once you plant it water it immediately so as the soil to be moist. During the first six weeks water the Dracaena Draco Tree 2 times a week. Once the root system is established then you can water it once a week. That depends on how the weather is like; if it’s too hot then you might need to continue watering it 2 times a week, so keep this in mind.

Dragon Tree Propagation

If you are going to buy a Dracaena Draco and plant it in your soil there might be a chance that it might have diseases. It would be actually quite easier to grow the tree yourself. For this reason, you can use the propagation. There are different ways of propagation, the head cuttings, and the stem cuttings.

Head Cuttings

The best time to perform the head cutting would be during the springtime because the weather will be warm and the growth will be ensured. You have to choose a bright and warm spot to place the cuttings without a direct sunlight. The best temperature for the roots to develop would be from 22 to 24°C.

When you see fresh roots at the upper part of your dragon tree you should cut them. Choose the ones that will be 8cm long. Use a mixture of soil and sand and place them all in a small planter. Make sure that the soil will not dry.

You could also cover the pot with transparent foil in order to retain the humidity. You will see the first roots to form from 2 to 3 weeks. After that, you will be able to plant the young tree in the soil.

Stem Cuttings

The stem cuttings aren’t that different from the head cuttings. What you need to do is to cut down the leaf, less steams. They should be at least 5cm long. Cut them underneath the stem junction. Once you cut them, fill in a glass with water and place them there and keep it in a dark place. The right temperature should be from 22 to 24°C.

After a day takes the glass to a bright place. Change the water every 2 or 3 days per week. When the first roots start to appear to place them in a pot with soil and repeat the same process with the head cuttings. When you will see the first shoots on the stem you will be able to plant the dragon tree in your garden.

Dragon Tree Pruning Tools

Dragon tree pruning requires having the right tools in order to prune it in the right way. You will need a sharp blade, a pair of scissors, and a pruning shear. Before you use them to wipe down the shear and blade with all-purpose disinfectant because they must be clean. In this way, the tools will be clean and diseases won’t spread in the Dracaena Draco.

Dragon Tree Pruning

Dragon (Dracaena Draco) tree pruning is a very important process. If your tree is more than 8 feet tall you can prune it when you see that the canopy becomes bigger than the whole tree or if there is a disease. You can use a pole saw for your dragon (Dracaena Draco) tree pruning.

You can make a 45-degree angle cut. If you make this cut then the water won’t set at the cut and in this way it won’t rot. Dracaena Draco tree pruning includes the cutting of the stems. Dragon trees grow at the tip of a stem and as a result, the rest of the tree seems to be bare. When you prune it, you will control the growth.

As we mentioned above with dragon tree pruning you will remove all the stems that have diseases or are dead. When you cut them scratch the outer part of the stem with a knife. If it will have a brown color this means that the stem is dying. It will also be quite soft and soggy.

Dracaena Draco pruning also includes removing the leaves that are discolored. You can use your pair of scissors. This tree usually drops the leaves that are lower on each own. You could remove them a bit earlier if you want to in order to protect the tree.

When you will have finished with your dragon tree pruning, watering would be the next step. You need to keep the soil damp. In this way it will grow faster. Let’s see how often you should water it.

Watering the Dragon Tree

When you finish with your dragon tree pruning watering is the next step. The particular tree doesn’t require a lot of water. It also needs to be moist. You could water it every 3 to 4 days during the winter time because the ground will be dry during that time.

From spring to summer you should water it daily but don’t overdo it with the amount of water. Be careful because you don’t want the root bale to dry out. When the weather will be very hot you could spray the leaves with a lime-free water in order to retain their moist.

Dragon Tree Diseases and Pests

There are different types of diseases and pests that might attack your Dracaena. You should always plan ahead and take care of your tree in order to protect it beforehand. Sometimes that might work and sometimes not.

If you notice that there is something wrong with your dragon tree then you should have a look at the diseases and pests that might have attacked your tree. Follow our tips in order to get rid of them. Let’s have a look.

There two types of diseases that can happen to dragon trees. The first one is the root rot and the second is the fungal infection. You will understand that there is a root rot when the soil will have an unpleasant smell and then mold will appear. Mold will also appear in the roots.

If something like this happens then you need to remove the wet soil, to remove the tree (if possible) and to cut the affected roots. Don’t water the soil for at least 2 days, and find a place in the garden where the soil will be the right one for your dragon – Dracaena draco tree.

Fungal infection is when the tree starts to rot slowly. The stem will start to soften and this will also spread to the stem tip. You can use a fungicide if you want to protect the tree. This doesn’t mean that you will be able to save the tree if the infection has progressed.

Apart from the diseases, there are different pests that can infect the dragon or Dracaena Draco tree. Spider mites, mealybugs, and thunderbugs are pests that can infect this tree. You will find the spider mites at the bottom of the leaves. They will form webs that can reach the stem.

You might also find white spots on the leaves and they might be discolored too. This will eventually lead to the death of the leaves. A good way to get rid of the spider mites would be to use a transparent plastic bag to cover the infected area. Once you cover it make sure that there is direct sunlight. In this way, you might eliminate them.

Mealybugs have the form of cotton balls that you will find on top of the leaves. What you do in order to eliminate them would be to use an insecticide, neem oil, or even strong soap. In this way, you might be able to eliminate them.

Thunderbugs are dark and brown pests. You will find them at the bottom of the leaves. These pests suck the food from the leaves and as result, the tree dies slowly. You can use again neem oil and insecticides in order to eliminate them.

Dragon Tree Benefits

The dragon tree apart from being amazing produces berries that have a reddish resin when ripe. The resin is used in medicine and it has taken the name of the ‘Dragon’s Blood’. It has antiseptic properties and there is a possibility the scientists will use it for the treatment of cancer.

The dragon blood is known for the healing of the wounds, for its antibacterial abilities, it is used as anti-aging and protects your skin. Additionally, it helps with diarrhea problems. Before you actually use it you should ask your local herbalist or a doctor in order to know the proper amount.

The dragon blood tea is great for your health. You can find it either as a powder or as hard rock of resin. You can add honey and ice and you will have a refreshing drink. The berries also produce a dye and a varnish that you can use.

Grow And Care (Video)

Dracaena Draco Tree is considered to be a beautiful tree that is actually quite easy to maintain. If you follow our tips you will have a healthy tree. Dragon tree pruning is a process that will protect your tree from diseases and from rotting. You should use the right dragon tree pruning tools in order to prune the tree.

There are many varieties of this tree that you can choose from. You could always plant more than one variety in your garden or you can keep them in pots. It depends on what you will choose.

Finally, there are many health benefits that the dragon or Dracaena Draco tree has. Take very good care of the tree, follow our tips and you will have a healthy tree that will flourish and you’ll be able to keep it for many years to come. Plant it in your garden and you will have a beautiful garden that you and your friends will enjoy.