How To Care and Grow Fairy Castle Cactus Correctly (2022)

Fairy Castle Cactus
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Have you ever heard of the Fairy Castle Cactus plant? This is a magical plant that can grow in your garden. It has long, green leaves with purple flowers and red fruit on top!

The spines are soft so it’s safe to touch this cactus without getting hurt. If you have children, they will love this plant because it looks like something out of a fairy tale!

Fairy Castle Cactus, formally known as Careus Tetragonus, is columnar, tall cactus, that belongs in the “Ancanthocereus tetragonus” cactus family.

Moreover, its commoner named are Bired wire cactus, Triangle catus, green finger,sword pear and night – blooming ceraus. The main feature of thiw genus is that they’re native to Florida and the lower Rio Grande Valley of Texs, in Mexico, in the United States, Central America, and the Carribean and northen South America. It is a great choice for beginners and grows well indoors.

Cactus Fairy Castle General Appearance

The Cactus Fairy Castle appearance can be understood just by their name – its got dark green stems and grows hundreds of brunches that clump together vertically, looking like castle turrets. Well, these ‘turrets’ are five-sided and the ribs are full of white tiny thorns.

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Additionally, although it is very slow growing and rarely blooms, this cactus kind can produce white or yellow large flowers, when it is mature enough. It can reach the maximum, but it can take decades for it to do so.

Place, Time and Needs

The Cactus Fairy Castle grows best with bright light. Nevertheless, it can still survive in low light. Conceptually, preferring partial sun to partial shade, the plant can be put on a shelve or in front of a window.
As for the soil, you can use a fast-draining cactus mix for stronger root growth.

As mentioned above, we’re referring to plant that grows very slowly. However, it actively grows during spring and fall, when you can apply organic fertilizer to its soil.

When you plant grows enough, to the point that it no longer fits small pot, there are some things you should know before repotting it. Just like other plants, to gently remove it out of its pot, as well as the soil – looking for any signs of pests or decay.

You can prune the roots as well, since it encourages new growth. After putting it in its new home, spread its roots and leave the soil to dry for a week or more.

It is a semi-hardy plant, meaning it can survive at – 1C°, the least. If the zone where you live reaches lower temperatures, make sure to grow your plant in a container that can be brought indoors.

Its water needs are no different than the other succulents’ – it should be watered when the soil has dried out completely. There is no certain watering schedule that works for all species in every climate, but for indoor – growing succulents, 14 -21 is a good frequency to keep your plant alive.

Qualities and red flags for Fairy Castle Cactus

A positive feature of this plant is that it does not require any special care. It is generally not toxic but can be affected by pests such as Mealy bugs. To prevent them from harming your plant, you should keep the pot and the area around clean.

You can constantly check if there are bugs on your plant. Additionally, your cactus can be harmed by fungus, disease or over watering. You can notice the effects of these as your plant may start to turn yellow or brown.
This incredible plant is a great choice fro every gardener’s garden or any beginner’s home decoration.

The benefits of growing a Fairy Castle Cactus

-This plant can improve air quality by removing toxins from the air.

-It’s also great for filtering water!

-The spines on this cactus contain a mild sedative so it can be used to treat insomnia.

-It’s a popular plant in households with pets! The spines are soft so your pet won’t get hurt if they decide to chew on the cactus.

By growing this magical garden addition, you can enjoy all of its benefits and it will look beautiful at the same time!

How to Propagate a Fairy Castle Cactus

It’s is easy to propagate a Cactus Fairy Castle Plant. Simply take a cutting from the stem and place it in soil. Within a few weeks, you will see new growth!

Before you replanting it, it’s important to let the severed end of the branch to dry-out & harden to encourage the new baby cactus to form roots.

ATTENTION: If you Overwatering Cactus Fairy Tale will damage cause damage, so you have to be sure to plant it in an unglazed clay pot with big enough drainage holes so that excess moisture is able to evaporate.

Final Thoughts

Cactus Fairy Tale is an incredible plant that you should grow in your garden.