Fast Growing Grass: How To Find And Choose The Right Seeds

fast growing grass
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If you have a garden you also want to have a lawn with a beautiful grass. What happens if you want your grass to grow faster because you don’t want to wait for a long time? There is a fast growing grass if you want to have a lush lawn that you and your family and friends will enjoy.

In this article, we will give you tips about fast-growing grass that you can choose in order to create your garden. Also, we will give you tips on how to take care of the soil in order to achieve this goal. Let’s have a look.

Choose the Right Seed

The first and the most important thing that you need to do is to choose the right seed. Apart from the fact that you want a fast growing grass, you need to select the seed that will be able to grow in your soil and the climate that you live in. In order to choose the right seed, you need to follow our tips.

How to Find the Right Seed

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If you want to have your fast growing grass you should perform a soil test. You can do that by using a test soil kit that will help you. What you need to do is to gather samples of your soil. Once you collect all the samples that you need then you can put them in a testing bag.

Do this process quite early and not a day before you seed because the results might take about 2 weeks. You don’t need to pay a lot of money for this process. Keep in mind though that in general the seed for your fast-growing grass will grow and you’ll be able to maintain it with a pH from 6 to 7.5.

What is also important for you to do is to choose the right seed. You need to see whether your grass is a cool season or warm season grass. In each one of these categories, there are different types of lawn grass that you’ll be able to choose from.

The warm season grass needs warm climate whereas the cool season grass grows perfectly in spring and fall. The warm season grass will thrive in the USDA zones from 7 to 10. The cool season grass will thrive in the USDA zones from 2 to 7. In this way, you’ll choose the fast growing grass that is appropriate in the zone that you are.

There are different types of seeds that will create your fast growing grass. Each of these 2 categories has fast warm season grass and fast cool season grass. Let’s have a look at these different types of seeds that will help you create your perfect garden in the way that you want to.

Fast Warm Season Grass

These seeds of grass will thrive during the summer time. The fastest grass seed is Bermudagrass. The temperature of the soil will play an important role in the speed of the germination. In order for the germination to occur the temperature should be 70 degrees F and higher.

Under these you conditions you will have a fast-growing grass within 7 days. If you live in a slightly cooler climate then it will take about 1 month to germinate. The warmer the weather the faster it will grow. It is the only type from the variety of warm season that grows so fast.

Fast Cool Season Grass

The cool season grass has more varieties of fast growing seeds. You can choose from the Perennial ryegrass, the Kentucky bluegrass, and the Redtop. These fast-growing types of grass will give you the perfect result.

Perennial ryegrass has an amazing texture and a green color. This type of fast growing grass will grow from 1 to 2 weeks. It germinates quickly but it won’t make it in drought and extremely cold weather. What makes this grass great is the fact that you can use it for covering your slopes.

Kentucky bluegrass will need from 10 to 23 days in order to grow. It has an amazing blue-green color. The right temperature that it needs in order to grow is 60 degrees F. It shouldn’t be more than that because it won’t grow properly. Keep this in mind when you choose it.

The redtop is also a type of fast-growing grass which produces red seeds. That’s why it took this name. What is great about this type is the fact that it can grow both in infertile soils and acidic soils. It will grow between 2 weeks and it thrives in the springtime. Another amazing tip is that this type can grow in soils where no other type could.

What Is the Best Period to Plant the Seeds?

The best planting time for the different types of the fast-growing grass would be the spring. The rainfall will help the growth of the grass because the moisture is necessary. Make sure that when you’ll plant your fast-growing grass seeds the temperature will be more than 65 degrees F.

Additionally, you should always check the seeds that you will buy. You need to use the seeds properly, always read the instructions or if you have any questions ask at the shop for help. There are people there who can help you with your questions.

So What’s Next?

It’s time to plant the seeds, not just yet! Don’t forget that you also need to prepare the soil. You have to dig the soil 15cm deep and clean it from the existing seeds. You should also water it quite often and leave it for 3 weeks. Once you plant your seeds you should fertilize it apart from mowing and watering it.

Fertilization is very significant because you want to have healthy grass that will look great in your garden. Don’t forget that fertilizing your fast-growing grass should be done the minimum 4 times per year. Make the right choice and choose the right one.

Finally, you will protect your grass from pests, and diseases with the use of fertilizer. The final tip would be to dig small holes in the soil because you want the soil to absorb the water. In this way, the soil will get all the ingredients that it needs in order to help the grass grow fast.


The fast growing grass could be the best solution for your garden if you choose it. There are different types that you can choose from depending on the climate and the place that you leave. No matter which grass you choose, provide the proper care and you will have an amazing garden! Have fun!