Feng Shui Living room Secrets That You Have To Know In 2019

Feng Shui Living room
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Feng Shui Living room has always been a trend. The living room is an essential part of the house. What you can do is to decorate your living room in a way that will bring not only good luck but also you will feel calm when you spend most of your time in your living room.

There are different ways that you can use feng shui in your living room. Don’t forget that the living room is the first thing that your friends and guests will see when they enter your house. A feng shui living room will turn any negative energy that might exist to a positive one and this is exactly what we want.

There are different things that you do in order to create a feng shui living room. First of all, your living room must be quite comfortable in order to feel pleased. If there is sunlight, that would also be ideal.

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A good thing would also be for the sofa to be placed against a solid wall and when that happens you should be able to see the front door of your house.

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Additionally, you can place in your coffee table a bowl that will be filled with crystals or coins. These things are associated with wealth symbols and they will provide prosperity in your house. Let’s also have a look at the feng shui living room colors.

Feng shui living room colors

Feng-shui living room colors are the best way to have a beautiful home and you will also get the energy that you want your house to have. Your house can have harmony and balance depending on the color or colors that you are going to choose.

Green color is related to renewal, to fresh energy and to new beginnings. You can use different shades of green in order to get better results. Another color is orange. Orange is related to socialization. It is a warm color and you will have a wonderful conversation with your family and friends.

Feng-shui living room colors

The white color is also an amazing feng-shui living room color. It connected with innocence and purity. It will also bring freshness to your living room. The yellow color is associated with sunlight and it brightens up your home. There are many shades of yellow that you can choose from.

The red color is one of the most famous feng-shui living room colors. It is a lovely and vibrant color that will bring excitement and energy to your house. It also associated with love, happiness, and luck. Purple is a vibrant color and it creates a soothing space where you will be able to relax.

Brown has many different shades that you can choose from. It is the color that is related to Earth. When you use this color you will provide stability and strength. Grey is a neutral color that is connected with sophistication in the area that it used. From what we saw there and amazing living room colors that you can use. But how can we use the mirrors in our living room?

Feng shui living room mirrors

Feng shui living room mirrors are also important in the way that you will place them in the living room. Mirrors can help with the energy that exists in a house. It can reflect it and it can double the energy. For this reason, you should use the mirrors with caution.

There are mixed feelings about placing the mirrors in the living room. Definitely, you shouldn’t hang a mirror behind the sofa. The sofa must be placed against the wall for stability. Let’s not forget though that when we use mirrors we do it in order to create more space and to let more light in.

Feng-shui living room mirrors represent the water and they give to our house a feeling of calmness. When you will place the mirrors you should do it in the right way. Depending on where you’ll place them you get different energies.

You can place them in the North if you want to achieve a great career and to find your path in this life. If you place them in the Southeast then you will attract the energy of wealth and finally. If you place them in the East then you’ll attract the energy for health and family.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t place the mirrors above your bed, facing your bed, facing the main door or even the South. You should avoid it because the energy won’t be the right one.

Finally, there are three types of living room mirrors. We have typical mirrors. They have specific shapes such as round and square and we also give importance in the materials that they are made from.

Then we have the convex mirrors which are being used outside. They are perfect for energy. The concave mirrors are the last category and they too are used outside for better Feng Shui.

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From what we saw feng shui living room is important. There are quite a few things that you can do in order to have the best energy in your house. Feng shui isn’t only about the color it’s also about the objects. If you combine everything properly then you will have a home full of beautiful energy.

The energy that you want to have is up to you. You can have a combination with the colors and the items that you are going to use. Feng-shui living room plays a significant part in our life.

Don’t forget that many guides have been written about Feng Shui. Use some of our tips (if not all of them) and you have nothing to lose.
Having great energy in your home and especially your living room will give you energy and you will wonderful moments with your family and friends. Follow our tips and you will have a beautiful living room with great energy.