Gardenia: Detailed Guide How To Grow And Care

gardenia plant
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Gardenia is an evergreen shrub, characterized by lance late, pointed and leathery leaves, dark green in color. The flowers are white, with a strong aroma, waxy texture, with a diameter of up to 10cm. Some varieties have single flowers and some double. The flowers appear continuously from May to September. The only exception is the Gardenia Jasminoides veitchiana, which blooms in winter.


Botanical name: Gardenia
Origin: China
Cultivation difficulty: Difficult

Gardenia Cultivation

the exi pur

To promote the lush flowering of this plany, spray the leaves often with lukewarm water, but never the flowers. At the same time, keep the temperature as stable as possible, around 18°C.

In summer, place the plant in a bright area and water it so that the soil is always kept moist, while avoiding excessive water. You can place it outdoors, but without direct exposure to the sun.
With the advent of the cold season, move the plant indoors again.

Gardenia Diseases and symptoms

Buds that do not bloom and fall: sudden changes in temperature, excess water. Keep the plant in a constant environment and temperature and water regularly.
Yellow young leaves with green nerves: water with increased hardness. Water once with sodium salt.

Yellowed leaves with filamentous debris on the underside: red nightshade. Apply with a special acaricide, taking care to wet the whole foliage well.

Leaves with the presence of dark shields on the nerves of the underside and on the branches: scabies. Remove the colonies with a piece of cotton soaked in denatured alcohol or use liquid paraffin in combination with a special insecticide.

Colonies of small insects from branches: meligra. Use a special insecticide.
Presence of yellowed leaves with the manifestation of small circular spots: septorion. Use a special copper-based fungicide.
When using pesticides, products for ornamental plants (PP0) or products used in organic crops, you must always follow the instructions on the label for the conditions, time and dosage of use of the product.

Extra tips

Increased light but no direct exposure to sunlight.

Ideal temperature for Gardenia is 18-20°C for flowering in summer and minimum 10 – 15°C in winter.

Water abundantly in summer, even 3 times a week. In winter, once a week.

Mixture of soil, black soil and peat with good drainage.

Fertilizer from spring to autumn, add fertilizer every 10 days and liquid fertilizer to the irrigation water.

From May to September.

With extreme stem cuttings, from young stems, from January to March or from August to September.

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