11 Best Super Easy Tips For Gold Crest Wilma

gold crest wilma
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Gold Crest Wilma is a variety of cypress. Its name is due to its truly impressive foliage and to the lemon scent that emerges when rubbing lightly by hand. Planting Gold Crest Wilma in the garden often is not the easiest thing, especially in warm regions of central and southern Countries. It Grows better in northern Greece.

In the garden at the correct spots can reach a height of up to 10 meters. If you plant it either in a pot or in the soil then you MUST protect it from the strong winds. This amazing tree gives an extraordinary beauty in your garden when other trees surround it, especially near roses.

Even it is a small tree, it can withstand low temperatures during the winter period. Goldcrest has been combined with the Christmas and New Year period.

the exi pur

If you have sensitive skin or even you are allergically you should be very careful while touching its needles because its needles can cause an allergic reaction or skin irritation while piercing. So you must be more careful while handling it.

11 Gold Crest Wilma Valuable Tips

  • As an indoor plant it wants regular watering, but not too much.
  • Lubrication every 20-30 days with a complete water-soluble fertilizer added while watering.
  • Be careful in the summer, because it can easily dry out either from high temperatures or from the few water.
  • In winter, it should not be placed in places where there are strong winds.
  • It is very good to spray its leaves once a week, especially in the summer months.
  • Transplanting it when needed in a larger pot and always use gravels for a good drainage, and use suitable soil mix to keep it out of moisture. Transplanting it in spring.
  • No pruning is needed. If you want to have a better shape of your plant, then with pruning scissors, gently trim it around 1-1.5 cm perimeter.
  • Often affected by insects and fungi and that can cause drying of the plant. It is generally a sensitive ornamental plant and needs a special protection.
  • It needs at least 5-6 hours sunlight daily
  • if you want to grow a cypress tree outdoors then the ideal temperature is 68 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Before the new growth appears in the spring you must use a 20-20-20 fertilizer.

The Correct Soil

The soils that can tolerate the Gold Crest Wilma, are those that their pH is from alkaline to acidic. Even if the soil is loamy or sandy or chalky, this amazing tree can grow normally. Although lemon can easily grow in almost all soil types, it will NOT be able to grow or even survive if the soil is not well-drained.

So you MUST always check if the soil is well-drained so you can keep safe your tree.

Brown Foliage On Your Cypress Tree?

Coastal influence and humid climates may cause a lot of problems. Windy weather and dry will dry out the foliage by causing unsightly browning. So try to avoid all these.

goldcrest tree Brown Foliage