Growing Tomatoes In Containers: Best Guide In 2019

Growing tomatoes in containers
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Growing tomatoes in containers are one of our favorite and satisfying processes. There are many things that you can do in order to have a successful tomato crop. Growing tomatoes in containers might not always be an easy task but it is totally worth it.

There is nothing better than having your own fresh tomatoes ready to pick up from your containers whenever you want to. Bad weather might not always be our ally but with our tips, you will have more chances of successful growing.

What you should actually do it to use very big containers. Growing tomatoes in big containers are one of the tricks that will help your tomatoes grow successfully. The pot that you are going to use should be the least square foot.

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When you will choose the pot that you want to make sure that the soil that you will use will be of excellent quality because you want your tomatoes to be the best. Also, make sure that there will be holes in the pot for drainage. You don’t want the roots to rot.

Watering tomatoes in containers

Providing the growing tomatoes in containers with a consistent amount of water is also another secret to having great tomatoes. What you should be careful of is the following: the soil should be moist and never wet. If the water is more than necessary then the tomato will rot.

There are different ways to make sure that the tomatoes will get the water that they need. You can use self-watering containers. If you don’t want to do that then you should check your tomatoes and the pot every day.

If the weather is too hot then you might need to water them twice. If you live in a climate that rains a lot then you have to move them to an area that will be protected. Another thing that you can also do is to cover them.

When you water them make sure that you water the soil and not the plant. If you water the plant then the water that will remain on the leaves might cause fungus or they will rot too. So, be very careful when you water your growing tomatoes in containers.


The soil that you will place your tomatoes has no actual nutrients. As a result, you will need to add nutrients in order to have healthy and tasteful tomatoes. You can either use a soil that has fertilizer in it or you can buy one separately.

If not, you need to buy a fertilizer that will release its nutrients slowly. You can mix it with your soil and you will get the best results. Don’t forget that you can buy an all-purpose fertilizer and a slow-release fertilizer too.


Another thing that is important for your growing tomatoes in containers is the sun. The sunlight plays a significant part in the growth of the tomatoes. You have to choose a spot with plenty of sunlight.

Your tomatoes need from 6 to 8 hours of sunlight daily. Make sure that you will have a place, whether the tomatoes are in the house or outside, with plenty of sunlight. A good idea would be to start growing them inside the house and then move them outside.

Benefits of growing tomatoes in containers

What makes growing tomatoes in containers is the fact that anyone can grow tomatoes in pots. All you need to have is a sunny window. It doesn’t matter whether you live in a big or a small apartment. Anyone can do it.

Also, you can either have one or two pots or if you have a lot of space you can create a small miniature garden full of tasty tomatoes. Another benefit is the fact that the containers are portable. This means that if the weather gets really bad you can move the pots inside and keep your tomatoes healthy.

Additionally, pots are easy to water. You don’t need to spend a lot of time to water your tomatoes, compared to a garden. You only need a few minutes every day so as to take care of your growing tomatoes in containers. What you should pay attention to is the amount of water as we mentioned above.

Be creative

Growing your tomatoes in containers doesn’t mean that you can’t be creative. You can use spirals to help your tomatoes grow. You can also use colorful pots with different designs on them, you don’t need to use only the brown ones.

You can also use wooden crates to create a unique style. Another idea could be to use small containers which you could hang. This will also create a beautiful decoration and you will have something beautiful to look at every day.

Furthermore, you can use trellis that will help your tomatoes grow upward. You can use big containers in order to achieve something like this. Don’t forget that you use can use the same ideas and ticks in order to plant anything that you want.

Secret Bonus Tips


Growing tomatoes in containers is a beautiful addition not only to your vegetable garden but also to your balcony or inside your house too. You can choose from different varieties that will give you perfect tomatoes.

When you will grow your tomatoes don’t forget that they need plenty of sunlight, warm weather and the containers must have holes and trays. When you have all of the above your task will be easy.

Follow our tips, use unique planters and you will have not only a beautiful view but also amazing tomatoes. Your family and friends will be amazed by the taste and that you will have your own fresh fruits. What’s better than that?

Enjoying and loving what you do, will give you the satisfaction that you need. Don’t forget that it is a wonderful task to seeds grow and produce something tasty. Growing tomatoes in containers is something that everyone can do. Have fun and enjoy it!