Lesco Fertilizer: The Right Fertilizer For Your Lawn

lesco fertilizer

Making your lawn healthy is a very important thing. Lesco fertilizers are the right choice in order to make this happen. There are different types of Lesco that you can use in order to have a healthy lawn.

You want to have a beautiful lawn that will maintain its color. You also need to get rid of the unwanted weed in your lawn. Below we will give you tips on how to use the Lesco fertilizer. If you will choose is entirely up to you.

Lesco Fertilizer: Weed & Feed

The particular type of Lesco fertilizer will help your lawn grow or even maintained even if the weather is hot or cold. This type contains potash, nitrogen, and phosphate. The particular ingredients that this fertilizer has are important if you want your lawn to grow properly.

This fertilizer is based on granular as a result; it releases all the nutrients on the lawn slowly and evenly. It is produced in a way that the coat is dissolving and its nutrients are released. In this way, the Lesco fertilizer will keep your lawn healthy and with an amazing green color.

What makes the Lesco fertilizer an excellent choice is the fact that all its nutrients are organic. It doesn’t contain chemical substances and as a consequence, it’s safe for your family and your beloved pets. It’s an organic fertilizer which makes it the best of the best because you don’t want to use chemical substances.

Your ideal fertilizer should activate all the nutrients of the soil. In order for this to happen, it should contain humic, amino acids, and compost. Additionally, it should contain blood meal, bone meal, and seaweed extracts. Lesco fertilizer contains all of the above because it is made out of animals

Finally, what makes it great is the fact that you don’t need to let it dry. You apply it and then the lawn is ready. Your kids can play with their pets or you stay in your garden without worrying that you need to wait in order to be safe to stay.

What Do The Numbers Mean?

When you’ll go to the store to buy your Lesco fertilizer you will notice that there are different numbers. These numbers show the 3 ingredients that are used in the particular type. These 3 are the potassium, the phosphorus, and the nitrogen.

The normal one will contain 9 pounds of nitrogen and 4 pounds of potassium and it weighs 50 pounds. The nitrogen is the ingredient that will help it grow and that will provide the amazing color.

Phosphorus will help the roots grow and the potassium is the one that protects the roots. It’s as if we had the Three Musketeers that are here to help your lawn. This 50-pound fertilizer will cover 12500 square feet which makes it a big deal.

Finally, it contains MSDS sheets. These sheets will show you any chemical substances that it might actually have. You will also find information on how to store it and avoid the chemicals.

When Is The Best Time To Apply Lesco?

Lesco fertilizer is best to be used during the spring season. You could also apply it during the late fall because is the best season for the weeds. When you’ll use it make sure that you’ll use the right amount because over fertilizing might lead to disaster and can cause harm to your lawn and plants.

Another tip would be to aerate the soil. If you do that you will create the best environment for your Lesco fertilizer. You should be careful when it’s about to rain and for this reason, you should always read the instructions in order to use it in the right way.

Applying the Lesco Fertilizer

When the time has come to apply your Lesco fertilizer you should use the right equipment. You can use a rotary spreader; this will help you spread the fertilizer evenly. In this way, you won’t have sections in your lawn that have more fertilizer and others that might have some or even none.

What you also need to know is how to adjust the spreader. There are specific parts in your lawn that the spreader might not reach. That is why you need to know exactly how to use it in order to apply the Lesco fertilizer.

Another alternative that you could use would be the trolley. It is quite cheaper but you will still make sure that the fertilizer will be applied evenly to all of your lawn. If you follow the right way and as always you read the instructions then you’ll have an amazing and healthy lawn.

Things to Consider

Before you apply your Lesco fertilizer you should consider a few things. The first thing that you should think of is the size of your yard. You want to buy a fertilizer that will cover your yard and you wouldn’t want to run out of it. Ask at the store for the right amount if you aren’t sure.

You also want to have fast results and also the fertilizer needs to be waterproof. At the end of the day, you might notice the results which show that it works quite fast. Also, it needs to be waterproof because you don’t want a sudden rain to wash the fertilizer out.

Finally, you also need to know the type of weeds that grow in your garden in this way, it will be easier to choose the right fertilizer. The last thing that you should consider would be that this fertilizer should be friendly for your family and friends. Lesco fertilizer is the right choice.


Lesco fertilizer is the right fertilizer for your lawn. It has all the right ingredients that will protect your lawn. If you use this fertilizer you’ll have a healthy lawn that will have a vibrant color. Additionally, by using this fertilizer your family and pets will be safe when they sit or play on the lawn and you won’t have to worry at all. Enjoy!