New Garden: Everything You Need To Know Before You Start

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Whether you are a new gardener or an experienced one creating your new garden from scratch will be quite challenging and an amazing experience. During the winter you can begin to think about your garden and how you want it to be. Spring would be the right time to begin creating it.

Below we will give you tips on how you can create your new garden. In this way, you will have a good idea about the things that you’ll need to think about and the tools that you will need. Let’s have a look. Marcus Tullius Cicero once said: “If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need”.

Creating Your New Garden

You have to consider some things when you start your new garden. You need to think about what you want to plant. Do you want to plant flowers, vegetables or herbs? There are different things to consider if you plant flowers. Do you prefer perennials or annuals?

the exi pur

You can always divide your garden in small sections and plant a bit of everything. The combination will make your new garden look amazing. For this reason, you can start by planting in a small place. Pick a small spot in the garden and start from there. You can experiment in this spot with what you want to plant.

Once you have decided what you want to plant and whether it will grow in your new garden you’ll need to choose the right place. You need to make sure whether what you’ll plant will require full sunlight or partial shade. Notice the sun and how it moves during the day and before it sets.

You will also need to check your soil. Before you start planting you can perform a soil test in order to check the pH. Your soil might be alkaline or acid, by performing this test you will know and as a result, you will know what to plant. The neutral pH is from 6.2 to 6.8. You can help the pH of your soil with the right ingredients.

The texture of your garden is important too. When we mention the texture of the soil we mean whether the texture is rocky, clay, or sandy. The soil must contain minerals and nutrients that will help the growth of what you’ll plant. You can add 3 inches of organic compost, leaves, and manure. You will improve it.

What you’ll need to do next is to dig. You will need to dig your garden when the soil is moist and not wet because its structure might be ruined. The roots will find space to spread easier if you dig right. Mix the organic matter with the soil. You can use a spade in order to mix and turn it.

What’s next? The right answer would be to choose what you will plant or grow. You can go to a garden center and have a look in order to choose from different varieties or you can even read and search for the ones that you want.

As we mentioned above, you can plant vegetables such as tomatoes and lettuce. You can plant either perennials like pansies or annuals like geraniums in your garden. The choice is yours.
Once you have decided it’s time to plant them. Choose the right season to plant them, depending on what you’ll choose.

Whether it’s winter or spring you need to plant them and have in mind not to press down the roots. Water them once every week and make sure that the water will not remain.
The soil must be moist and not dry. You want your new garden to have healthy and beautiful flowers and vegetables. Mulch will play an important role in this.

If you choose perennials, you can use long-lasting mulch. If you choose annuals, use mulch that will decompose in a few months. The last thing that you could do would be to keep a record and to label your plants, vegetables, and herbs in your new amazing garden. In this way, you will keep a record of what you have planted.

You will know what worked, what you needed and you’ll know how to do these things again.

Necessary Tools

When you’ll create your new garden you should have the appropriate tools that will make your life easier. The first that you will need will be a set of gloves. There is a variety of gloves that you can choose from. Make sure that they will be waterproof and durable in order to protect your hands.

What you will also need for your new garden would be the hoe. You can have a sturdy or a wide hoe or even a thinner one. It depends on the chores that you will need to do. You also need a spade. A spade is a shovel that will help you dig holes and move the dirt easily.

You also need a rake that will help you move the unwanted leaves. A hand trowel will be very handy especially if you plant herbs in your amazing new garden. You will be able to remove weeds and dig in corners that it isn’t easy.

A wheelbarrow is also handy. You will be able to move around anything that is necessary for you. Don’t forget that the shoes are also important. Have with you a pair of willies for the rainy days and crocks for the sunny days. You need to wear comfortable shoes and clothes when you work in your garden.


Creating your new garden is a task that you will enjoy from start to finish. Whether you are a new gardener or an experienced one you always find new things that you need to know. We hope that our tips will help you create the garden that you like. Don’t forget to check about the best garden products that you must have.

Choose the herbs, flowers, and vegetables that you like. You can always combine and have different varieties. Don’t forget that this is your garden and you can have whatever you like. Enjoy every minute of it!