6 Super Simple Tips Guide For A Perfect Lawn

perfect lawn
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Perfect Lawn is a must target. A lot of people asked as how they can achieve this, so we collect the top 6 amazing and super easy steps so anyone can do. Lawn is an essential part for most gardens. How well you can use the turf depends heavily on its quality. So have a look at our guide bellow and follow our advice for a great result.

Taking care of your lawn regularly means that you will protect it from being damaged. What are necessary for a good lawn are the soil and the treatment we have done before sowing. All lawns require soils with very good drainage and ventilation.

First step: Remove the weeds that are previously in place where the new lawn will enter. This is done by using a herbicide.

2nd step: When you kill all weeds, add 20-20-20 fertilizer with trace amounts of 40g / m2 and sand if the soil is too heavy.

Step 3: Then place the irrigation system. We rake the ground with the rake and then water it. After making sure that the water will not stagnate, let the soil dry for two days.

Step 4: It is the sowing of the turf. After selecting the appropriate seed according to the season, we throw it to the soil, after shaking it with sand. To have a dense lawn, we need to sow 25-30 g / m2. Then we use the rake in order to plant the seed and then we flatten the surface.

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Step 5: After sowing, water it for 10 minutes every 12 hours, for one week, and soil must be liquid enough because the sprouts are sensitive and they dry out quickly. When our grass begins to grow, we don’t water it as often as we used to. In the summer months we avoid watering it frequently because the turf is vulnerable to diseases.

Step 6: Applying a fungicide once a month is preemptive because it protects it from many diseases. We must be very observant in the event of the turf changing its color. “Fusarium wilt” is a serious damage, the result of which is that the grass has a brownish-yellow color rather than a pale green. “Witch rings” is another fungus that destroys the grass around it.

If you follow these 6 simple steps then you can have a perfect lawn. Also Don’t forget to buy the correct lawn seeds.

Good luck in creating your own turf!