Pittosporum golf ball: The best accurate information

Pittosporum golf ball
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Pittosporum golf ball is an evergreen dwarf. It is approximately 30’’ tall and wide. It is known for its formal rounded shape with small, lime, green leaves. It grows in just 50cm height x 50cm wide and it doesn’t require any trimming to make it in a good – touch shape.

Pittosporum golf ball Environmental Requirements

Pittosporum Golf Ball plant grows in a wide range of climates, from cools, temperate, subtropical to tropical. They will perform best in a moist, well drained soil. Pittosporum tenuifolium Golf Ball will tolerate full or partial sunlight. Plant is tolerance. It is easy to plant it in any season in a good purpose fertilizer. Pittosporum usually tolerates freezing temperatures though they may be very susceptible to trip damage and have their blooming season abruptly ruined.

When and how to plant a new Pittosporum golf ball

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Implement the steps below to make sure your Pittosporum Tenuifolium is actually planted properly and in the very best place:

Choose a complete sunlight to partial shade position. The plant requires some air circulation and so although it is going to thrive against a wall or maybe fence, stay away from growing it in the corner of 2 walls fences.

Find the department on variations below for planting distances. If the dirt is actually major or perhaps isn’t free draining add a lot of well rotted compost to the region and dig it in really well.

It are able to be placed each year long if the dirt isn’t frozen and you could water well when circumstances are dry. Mid March to mid September and April to October are the perfect times to grow this shrub.

Dig a hole two times the breadth of the rootball. Sprinkle in a couple of blood, fish and work and bone into the soil.

Place the plant into the gap, filling in with dirt so it’s at the same level as was in the container. Fill around the rootball and firm the dirt down gently but firmly. Water very well to settle the surrounding ground within the rootball.

Pittosporum tenuifolium are actually at their very susceptible to freezing conditions in the first year of theirs after planting. As they grow older they start to be far more frost hardy.

Pruning Diseases

Pittosporum tenuifolium maybe ruined from excessive watering or overly wet soils or poor drainage. So it requires well draining soils or the plants will become stressed which can lead to root rot.

The foliage will take on a brown color and the plant die completely. When something like that happens to prevent and control it, remove infected leaves when the plant is dry. Avoid overhead irrigation if possible – water should be directed at soil level.


Provide an inch of water every five to seven days until it has established a strong root system. From then, you should only need to water if the season is particular dry. Pittosporum tenuifolium Golf Ball should be kept damp, but not wet, so water it regularly in the drier months.

Generally a slow release fertilizer will keep your plant growing well throughout the year.


So Pittosporum Golf Ball is generally low growing evergreen shrub that makes a great foundation plant. Is is low maintenance green foliage and once it is established stays very compact and round with little pruning.

This evergreen plant is low maintenance, staying around maximum 50cm tall x 50cm wide. Planting Pittosporum tenuifolium is a great choice for houses with large and impressive gardens. The result can be impressive and will surely leave you satisfied.