Portable Greenhouse for Winter 2018 – A Complete Guide.

portable greenhouse for winter
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Portable greenhouse for winter is an amazing solution if you want to have plants and flowers that will be safe all year long. What is great about portable greenhouses is that you can place them anywhere you want to. What is important about the portable greenhouses for winter is that it can give you the advantages of the classic greenhouse that we all know.

If the weather gets really cold this type of greenhouse will protect your plants and flowers and they will thrive, which is exactly what you want. The portable greenhouse for winter could be considered as an investment because it doesn’t cost a lot compared to a permanent one.

You could also use it for a specific period of time in order to see whether you are into gardening or not. It serves many purposes which is great.

Portable Greenhouse For Winter Designs

the exi pur

The usual portable greenhouses are made either from glass or plastic. The plastic ones are not as expensive as the ones that are made from glass. The ones that are made from glass tend to look better from an esthetic point of view.

What should be mentioned though is that the plastic portable greenhouse for winter could be a better option because you can set it up easily, remove it and finally you can relocate it anywhere you want to. It’s up to you to decide where you will place it.

Benefits of Portable Greenhouse

What is great about the portable greenhouse is that you can extend the greenhouse that you might already have. Also, if it snows during the winter and the ground is frozen your plants and flowers will be safe.

The portable greenhouse can be used for growing cold-weather plants such as spinach, lettuce, onions, chives, and leeks. These could be the edible ones. Pansies and Witch Hazel could be a great option too. Furthermore, another advantage of the portable greenhouse is that it can keep the pests at a distance and in this way your crops will be safe.

Also, as we mentioned before you can place it wherever you like and you don’t have to worry about the space. It is a steady structure which means that no matter what the weather is like, windy and rainy your crops will be just fine.

Do not forget that even though they are easy to place and you can plant whatever you like, the portable greenhouse for winter needs exactly the same procedure that you would do if you had a garden.

Maintaining your greenhouse is crucial because you don’t want all your hard work to go to waste. Make sure that there are no tearing apart or cuts because you want your crops to be perfect, so pay extra attention and keep your crops in excellent shape.

Before you buy your portable greenhouse confirm that is has a stable base that can be secured in the ground. This will provide to your greenhouse extra protection from extreme weather phenomena and could be used for many years if you take good care of them.

Types of Portable Greenhouses

There are three main types of portable greenhouses: the Starter, the Grower, and the Cold Frame. No matter which one you are going to use, have always in mind the size that you want it to be, the insulation and the ventilation.

All of these will play a significant role not only in your crops but also to the price of your portable greenhouse.

Starter Portable Greenhouse

A starter portable greenhouse is of small to medium size. You can use it in order to plant your seeds. What you can also do is when your seeds are almost grown you can take them and transplant them to your garden and continue with the same process.

Grower Portable Greenhouse

The grower portable greenhouse is the largest portable greenhouse for winter. You can use this type in order to plant your seeds, harden off the different types of plants that you might have, grow your crops and harvest them too. You can do pretty much everything that you would have done in your garden.

You can store some of your crops as well. The particular type is made of steel and its price is affordable. You can build it quite easily in your garden. It also has the structure to install it on your own without the need of help.

Cold Frame Portable Greenhouse

The cold frame portable greenhouse can be moved quite easily because it is bottomless. This type of greenhouse is perfect because you can plant your seeds during early spring and they will be able to grow. It is a simple structure that uses solar energy and insulation in order to help your plants grow.

Best Portable Greenhouses for Winter

There is a big variety of portable greenhouses for winter. It is up to you to decide which one is useful for you. What matters is not only the size but also the price. You might also want to try something new in gardening or you might want to extend the garden that you might already have.

Below we are going to describe the characteristics of some portable greenhouses for winter because we want to make your life easier when the time comes for you and you have to choose one.

OGrow Deluxe Walk-In 3 Tier 6 Shelf Portable Greenhouse

OGrow Deluxe Walk-In 3 Tier 6 Shelf Portable Greenhouse is quite durable. It has got a plastic cover and Velcro connection that can guarantee a long lasting usage. It has six shelves and you can place 75-pound weight per shelf.

It is made from steel which makes it reliable to any weather condition and your plants will enjoy the sunlight because it is made of plastic. This particular model can be found with four and even twelve shelves. It’s up to you to choose which portable greenhouse for winter suits you the best.

Outsunny 9’L x 3’W x 3’H Flower Garden Greenhouse

Outsunny 9’L x 3’W x 3’H Flower Garden Greenhouse is strong because it has a powder-coated steel frame. It has also PVC covering and it can protect your plant from extreme temperatures. This particular portable greenhouse for winter is perfect because you can set it up easily and of course it’s portable.

You can have an outdoor space in order to grow your plants and you can place it anywhere you want to. It has three zippered doors which mean that you can access your plants easily and the ventilation will be satisfactory.

Strong Camel New Hot Green House 12’ x 7’ x7’ larger Walk in Outdoor Plant Gardening Greenhouse

Strong Camel new hot green house 12’ x 7’ x7’ larger walk in outdoor plant gardening greenhouse is perfect for your portable greenhouse for winter because it is waterproof and also provides UV protection. It is easily portable, durable because it has a powder coated steel frame.

It has also a roll-up zippered door. It has 6 windows which mean that the ventilation will be enough for your plants to grow and you will be protected from insects too.

Ogrow Ultra Deluxe Compact Outdoor Seed Starter Greenhouse Cloche

Ogrow ultra deluxe compact outdoor seed starter greenhouse cloche is a strong portable greenhouse for winter because it is made of a coated steel frame. It has got a strong PVC cover and zippered windows which makes access to your new plants easier.

It is a perfect solution if you want to plant seeds and keep your plants blooming. This type can guarantee you a long-lasting use.

Flower House FHPH155 Plant House 5 Pop-up Plant house

Flower House FHPH155 plant house 5 pop-up plant house is ideal because it has an open floor which means that you can set it up over your existing flowers if you want to. The fabric that is made is UV protected and that ensures that you will use it for many years.

It will be a useful portable greenhouse for winter because you can find it at different heights and it can cover all your needs and you can use it either indoors or even outdoors. You can set it up easily and you will have a storage carry bag to place it when you want to.

Palram Mythos Greenhouse 6’x8’silver

Palram Mythos greenhouse 6’x8’has a silver color. It has a rust-resistant aluminum frame and an adjustable roof vent which makes it unique. You can find a variety of sizes and you can grow any kind of seeds you want to. It has durable polycarbonate panels that block 99,9% of UV rays. This type of portable greenhouse for winter has a 5-year warranty.

SKY1917 Walk in Tunnel Greenhouse Garden Plant, 15’ x7’ x7’

SKY1917 walk in tunnel greenhouse garden plant, 15’ x7’ x7’is is perfect because it can protect your plants from snow, wind, and rain. It has a zippered roll-up door and it also includes guy ropes and stakes.

It is rust resistant, it has a steel tube frame, PE cover and it has also eight roll-up windows which will protect your plants from insects and will ventilate easily.

Gardman 7600 Extra Wide 4-Tier Greenhouse with Reinforced Cover

Gardman 7600 extra wide 4-tier greenhouse with reinforced cover does not require any tools in order to put it together. It includes its own guy ropes and stakes. It has four shelves and a zipped roll-up door which gives easy and quick access to your plants.

It has a resistant cover which is reinforced with PE. The frame is also strong and is made from metal which is just perfect for your Winter Portable greenhouse.

Quictent Hot 4 tier Mini Portable Greenhouse with Shelves

Quictent Hot 4 tier mini portable greenhouse with shelves is perfect for your portable greenhouse for winter. Its shelves are removable; it has a zipped roll-up door and it is light when you carry it. You can place it in your garden, patio, and balcony or on your lawn it is up to you to decide.

It is made from steel and it has a strong PVC cover.

Large Heavy Duty Greenhouse Walk in Hothouse

Large heavy duty greenhouse walk-in hothouse is a portable greenhouse for winter. You use it all year round, the hardware is included and it has double zippered doors on both sides. You can plant a massive quantity of plants. It has a steel frame, reinforced mesh PE cover which has the ability to block out UVA and UVB rays.

Flower House FHCV900 Conservatory Clear Greenhouse

Flower House FHCV900 conservatory clear greenhouse has an open bottom which is perfect if you have plants in your garden. Its design is not only useful but magnificent too. You can set it up in minutes, you can use it all year round and you place as many plants as you want to.

As you can see there is a great variety of portable greenhouses for winter. There are many benefits when you have one of them, because you can plant anything that you like and your plants will be safe.

Whether you want a small or big greenhouse there is a variety to choose from. There are bottomless ones and others that even though they are big you set them up easily. Their main advantage is that they are inexpensive in comparison to creating a garden.

Your portable greenhouse should be treated as a normal garden. It needs a lot of care and of course ventilation and sunlight. Wherever you are and whether you want to try something new or you want to make your existing garden bigger make sure that you will take the right decision and you will choose the right portable greenhouse for winter.

Do not forget that when you are out there searching to buy the right one for you ask for help in order to get the best one for you.