Spathiphyllum: The greatest information that you need to know

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Spathiphyllum is a very ornamental tropical plant, characterized by long leaves, up to 30cm, smooth and with a bright yellow color, with wavy edges and visible nerves. The actual flowers, which are small, round in shape and whitish in color, are united in an inflorescence which is surrounded by a large sepal and the latter is usually called a flower.

Botanical name: Spathiphyllum
Origin: South America, Malaysia
Cultivation difficulty: Moderate – Low


Place the plant in bright places, but not in the sun away from heat sources and air currents. Instead, in winter, put it in a bright place. Water abundantly, making sure the soil is well drained and spray the leaves regularly.

the exi pur

To better retain moisture, you can also put a little mud on the dish of the pot. Transplant it when the roots fill all the available space in the pot.

Diseases and symptoms

Yellow foliage tips: mites are eliminated with special acaricides, washing the whole plant and keeping the humidity at high levels.

Presence of shield colonies on the leaves and stems of the plant: scabies. It is treated with a cloth or a piece of cotton soaked in alcohol. In case of severe infection, treat with mineral oil activated with a special insecticide.

Deformation and curling of the shoots, presence of a colony of small insects: meligra. They are eliminated using a special insecticide.

Presence of rot at the base of the plant and at the roots: rot of the base of the sword (fungal disease). Remove the plants or parts of the plant that show symptoms, properly disinfect the soil before planting, avoid water stagnation and use a substrate with a suitable pH (close to neutral). Chemical treatments do not guarantee the recovery of diseased plants.

When using pesticides, ornamental plant products (PPOs) or products used in organic farming, you must always adhere to the instructions on the label for the conditions, time and dosage of use of the product.


In summer Spathyphillum should be placed in a shady place, while in winter in a bright place.

Temperature & Water

It withstands high temperatures well, but is recommended from 20°C to 27°C. Water sparingly in summer, reduce watering in winter.

Peace Lily Soil

Spathyphillum adapts to all types of soil.

Spathiphyllum Fertilizer

In the warmer months, add small but frequent doses of fertilizer.

Spathiphyllum Repotting

Tends to bloom better when slightly pot-bound. Repot when it’s difficult to keep the plant watered enough.


The inflorescence appears from March to September and is white.