Spring Garden A Complete Guide

spring garden
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Spring garden is one of the things that come to our minds when the weather starts to change. Not only do birds start to sing but also we want to enjoy the sun and its privileges and what comes to mind is to sit in our garden and enjoy our cold lemonade. In order to do that though, we must get our garden ready.

It’s time for you to take out your gardening gloves, your tools, and seed packets in order to have a lovely garden that you and your loved ones are going to enjoy. Let’s see some important steps that you will need to follow so as to have the perfect garden.

Spring Garden Preparation

Preparation is an important step. First, clean up the leaves and the weeds that are all around the garden. Line the perimeter that you are going to work with stones in which you will have written what you are going to plant.

You can also use colors or anything that you think is going to help you. Let’s not forget that you don’t want to step on what you are going to plant. Don’t forget to wear your amazing hat and gloves so as to protect yourself, gardening most of all should be fun.

There are some important tools that you need to have with you and these are water hoses, shovels (in case the wooden handles have splits or even cracks rub them with linseed oil), pruning saw and sears, soil knife, a rake, a weeder, a rake, and wands. Once you have all of these you are ready to transform your garden.

Create your own Compost

The winter is gone and has left the soil of your garden dried out and without moisture. It’s time to moisture your soil. You can create your own compost, which is free or use organic ones that will give you excellent results. Remember though, before you start planting your seeds test the soil and see which ingredients it needs the most.

the exi pur

If the soil is dry use four to six inches of compost. If it has a dark color, use between one to three inches. What you should do next is to loosen and ease off your soil up to twelve inches. In this way, your plants will put down their roots easily.
Homemade compost is easy to make because you can use leftovers from your kitchen.

You can use for example vegetable scraps, coffee grounds and eggshells, do not use dairy products, bread or even tomatoes because these ingredients tend to attract pests. Don’t forget that you might also need a fertilizer, so have one just in case your soil or plants need it.

Bellow, you can see some tremendous spring garden photos that we collected. Don’t forget to share our article!

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