Weeping Cherry Tree: Care, Watering, Types (2019 Guide)

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The weeping cherry tree is an amazing addition to your garden. It gives amazing blossoms of white and pink. It can grow in many zones and you will love gazing it. It isn’t very difficult to take care of.

There are different varieties to choose from in order to plant in your garden. But before we have a look at the different varieties let’s see how big this lovely tree can actually be.

Weeping cherry tree size

Weeping cherry trees are lovely trees that you should definitely plant in your garden. How big can they get though? It actually depends on the variety of the tree that you will choose to get.

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What makes this tree amazing is the fact that you plant them in any type of soil. Their size can actually vary from 20 to 40 feet. They can spread up to 25 feet and as we mentioned above it depends on the variety you’ll choose.

If you want to make sure though, that you can control the size you should prune it. You have to be very careful when you will prune your tree. You should prune it during winter and early spring.

The tree mustn’t be leafed-out or bloomed when you’ll prune it. If you prune it a while after you plant it, then you will have a strong branch structure. Additionally, you will be able to control its size from the beginning.

When to plant it

You should make sure that there is full sun. These trees are able to tolerate a bit of shade too without having any problems. What you also need to have in mind is the fact the soil needs to drain well. You don’t want the roots to rot when you will water it. That is why you should check the air circulation of the soil too.

The air circulation will help the canopy to be healthy. In this way, the diseases will be prevented. When you plant your tree, make sure that it will be quite far from any structures that you might have in your garden.

You want the branches with the amazing flowers to have plenty of space to develop and bloom. Make sure to provide plenty of space for this amazing tree. Keep in mind that hummingbirds and butterflies will find a home there. What better than this?

Japanese weeping cherry tree

Japanese weeping cherry trees produce amazing blossoms of white and pink color. This tree can be from 15 to 25 feet tall and it can spread up to 8 meters. The only negative aspect is that this tree lives up to 20 years.

In order to grow it needs either full sun or partial shade. It requires at least 4 hours of direct light in order to grow properly. What you also need to keep in mind is the fact that the Japanese cherry tree is prone to diseases and pests.

Make sure to use natural pesticides to protect it when you have planted. You will be able to purchase this beautiful tree from gardeners since you don’t find it easily in commerce.

Weeping cherry tree care

In order to take proper care of the tree, you should water it well. Additionally, you should fertilize it. Choose a slow-release fertilizer and apply it in early spring. The best type that you should choose is compost.

Compost doesn’t have chemicals and it will naturally protect your tree. Pruning is also essential. You should be very careful you shouldn’t prune the branches unless they are damaged or diseased.

If you notice something like this prune the parts of the tree no matter what the season is. Let’s have a look at which zones the weeping cherry tree grows best.

Weeping cherry tree zones

The zones which the cherry trees grows best are 4 to 8. There is also a chance that you can grow the tree in zone 9. Before you plant it make sure that you are in the right zone. Also, ask for advice to your local nursery.


Watering your cherry tree isn’t a difficult task but you need to do it quite regularly. You should water it even more during the dry periods. When you water it, do it slowly.
You need to do that because the water must be absorbed by the soil. If you want to maintain the moisture, you can add mulch around the tree. The soil must be muddy.

During the first summer that you will have your tree water it regularly because the roots must settle in the soil. In this way, the root system will be established well in the soil.

Weeping cherry tree types

There are different types of weeping cherry trees that you can choose from. The choice is yours. One type is the Snow fountain. It is a slow-growing variety and it produces white flowers.
It is a small variety that can be up to 15 meters in height.

  • Higan Cherries
  • Japanese Cherries
  • Hybrid Cherries

It grows best in zones 8 to 15. Another type is the Higan. This variety is very famous and is the one that we usually see everywhere. It can be up to 30 meters in height. The flowers that you will get will be pink. This type grows best in USDA zones 5 to 8.

Another type is the Double weeping cherry tree. This one is a dwarf variety and it will reach 12 feet. Finally, we have the Yoshino type. This tree produces white blossoms and it will reach maximum 30 feet. Whichever type you choose to plant make sure that you’ll take proper care of it.


Growing this amazing tree isn’t a very difficult task. You can choose from different varieties and you can have more than one in your garden. The Japanese cherry tree is also a famous variety that we all know.

Follow our tips and you will have a lovely cherry tree in your garden and everyone will admire. It is a famous tree that everyone should have in their garden.