What Is A Winter Garden In A Flat: How To And Ideas

what is a winter garden in a flat
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What is a winter garden in a flat? Is it a new trend? I believe that it is actually a wonderful idea when you don’t leave in a house with a garden but a flat and you still need to connect with nature. You don’t need to have a big space you will transform what you already have in a beautiful shelter that you’ll be able to enjoy your wonderful plants.

What is a winter garden in a flat?

It is a way to change your flat and you can also do something new that will make you feel like a new person. Small and affordable changes are great and you should do it. ‘Life begins the day you start a garden’, as a Chinese proverb says. It’s a great change that you can change your mood.

Advantages of having a Winter Garden

What is a winter garden in a flat? Having a winter garden in your flat actually means that you will not have a lot of work to do as if you had a garden. You will also water your plants and flowers without having to install expensive sprinklers and that is why it is also quite inexpensive. You could also choose the color of your watering cans.

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With your winter garden in your flat, you won’t be afraid of extreme weather phenomena such as extreme hot and cold because your plants will be protected inside your winter garden. Insects won’t be a major issue anymore because your plants will be protected.

When you ask the question of what is a winter garden in a flat, be sure that you’ll receive many answers. Another advantage is that you will be able to plant vegetables and flowers which you’ll enjoy all year long.

Planting Ideas

What is a winter garden in a flat? Also, what can I plant when I have a winter garden? When you have a winter garden in a flat you have the ability to plant vegetables and plants that you wouldn’t be able to plant.

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Below we are going to give you some ideas about vegetables that you could plant in your winter garden. Some planting ideas could be lettuce, carrots, lemons, tomatoes, and ginger. You could plant these ones in a pot and enjoy them in your food, salads, and drinks.


Lemons are a good idea to plant in your winter garden because they don’t require a lot of care. You could get a dwarf lemon tree that you could keep in your special place that you will have created. In this way, you will get all year long lemons that you will be able to enjoy in your food and your drinks.


Tomatoes are another great idea too. You can have tomatoes that look and taste great; you should add some fertilizer too in order to last longer. You should place them though close to the window because they require a lot of sun.


When you’ll buy your ginger make sure that you’ll plant its roots in a spacious but flat pot. Also, cover it with soil but not too much and make sure that it will be quite moist. Ginger doesn’t need a lot of care either so it could be a good planting idea.


Another idea would be to plant carrots too. Carrots need sun as well, so make sure that they’ll face the window. When you plant them keep them an inch apart from each other. Choose the variety of carrots that grow indoors and choose organic soil mix. When you plant the carrots make sure that they are ¼ inch deep in the soil.


When you will buy your lettuce seeds look for the mixture of cutting ones and the leaf lettuce varieties. These varieties will be perfect for your winter garden in a flat because you will take the leaves and the lettuce will continue to grow.

You could plant it in a pot and sprinkle from five to fifteen seeds. Make sure that the soil is moist and not soaked. In this way, you will have fresh lettuce all year long which means fresh salads. What’s better than that?

Plants and Pots

What is a winter garden in a flat? A winter garden in a flat gives you the ability to have different pots of different colors filled in with lovely flowers. You could plant in them different varieties of flowers, for example roses. You can decorate your winter garden with different sizes of pots too.

Furniture and Walls

What is a winter garden in a flat? Also, how can I decorate my winter garden? When you’ll create space for your winter garden you can buy furniture that will surround it. You can have comfortable chairs with cozy pillows, and a small table. Let your imagination run free and you can have a unique result.

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What is a winter garden in a flat? A winter garden in a flat can be decorated differently. You can cover your walls with climbing plants or you can hang the pots and create different levels with them.